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What Prospect for a Decent Future?

A panel of Science for Peace members examines the current scientific evaluation of the climate-change emergency, and the hope of, even now, avoiding the worst of the predicted scenarios. They will also look at the responsibility of the University in this crisis: are our shortcomings related to the “corporatization” of the universities?

This talk stems from a study authored by Prof. John Valleau, Professor Emeritus (Chemistry) and Prof. Paul Hamel (Medicine).

Panelists include Prof. John Valleau, sociologist Prof. Magrit Eichler, psychiatrist Dr. Jim Deutsch, and doctoral candidate (religion & environment) Paul York.

When: Monday, September 21, 3:00-5:00 pm Where: South Dining Room, Hart House, University of Toronto

The panel is organized by Science for Peace as part of the Earthcycle Environment Week at the University of Toronto. See the full program of the Earthcycle Environment Week at www.

Read Varsity article from 2008 covering Prof. Valleau’s presentation on corporatization, organized by the GSU here

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