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What We Do

Science for Peace is a charitable organization dedicated to popular education and research on the intersections of demilitarization, decarbonization and social justice.

Science for Peace synthesizes scientific knowledge to inform and change public policy. Science for Peace members focus, today as in the past, on the elimination of nuclear weapons and the  prevention of nuclear war.

In response to the threat posed by the climate emergency, Science for Peace has adopted a program for this decisive decade that explores and publicizes the mutually reinforcing relationship- between militarism and global warming and, conversely, between demilitarization and decarbonization.

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Our Goals

Nuclear Weapons

  • Pressure Canada to adopt observer status at the state-parties meeting of the UN’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)

  • Medium term: pressure Canada to adopt and ratify the TPNW

Militarism and Climate Change

  • Persuade Government of Canada and Province of Ontario to live up to their announced decarbonization goals

  • Increase popular awareness of the linkages between militarization and global warming, and the advantages and possibilities of combining demilitarization with rapid decarbonization


  • Increase popular awareness of the blunders and over-reach of NATO since the end of the Cold War, and in particular in the case of the current Ukraine crisis

  • Press for Canada to withdraw from NATO, adopt and promote common security

Our Right to Know

  • Pressure the Canadian government to have the science advisor report to parliament making their expertise available to all parties.

  • Campaign to ensure that the results of publicly funded research are available to every interested person.

Nonviolent Action

  • Apply nonviolent resistance to contemporary issues, especially climate change.

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