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Blumenfeld Junior Fellows: 2022-23

Blumenfeld Junior Fellow Testimonials

"Being a Junior Fellow at Science for Peace this past year has been a fantastic opportunity, as well as a tremendous learning experience. This was precisely the kind of opportunity that evaded me during my undergraduate studies, and has allowed me to further develop many of my academic and professional skills (namely research, writing and analysis). Furthermore, being a Junior Fellow has allowed me to collaborate with many brilliant, talented and passionate members and academics within an ideological perspective that has increasingly been lacking in our public discourse- pacifism".


Boris Kyrychenko (2022-2023)

"Being a Blumenfeld Junior Fellow has taught me a lot about the solutions needed to make our world a safer one. As a non-Canadian student, it has been really insightful comparing Canadian environmental policy and activism with the UK’s. Working with the NVWG has taught me a great deal about non-militaristic methods of defence which can be used to greatly reduce the risk of large-scale wars or nuclear fallout".

Alfie Hoar (2022-2023)


Alfie Hoar
Alfie Hoar is a student at Pembroke College, Oxford, studying Physics and Philosophy. Having just completed his Bachelor’s degree and is now moving into his Master’s, Alfie has a broad interest in the philosophy of science and science’s place in society. He has been involved in campaigns against climate science misinformation and for progressive climate policy in the UK. He participates in SfP’s Non-Violent Resistance Working Group


Boris Kyrychenko
Boris Kyrychenko, born and raised in Toronto, is a recent undergraduate from the University of Toronto, who completed his major in International Relations, and two minors in political science and French studies. His research interests include Canadian foreign policy, world history, nuclear non-proliferation, Eastern European and NATO geopolitics.


Aidan Oliver
Aidan Oliver is a Master's student at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) at Carleton University. In April 2022, she completed her undergraduate at the University of Toronto in Political Science, Environmental Science and French; writing a senior thesis on Arctic Security. She also works for Defence Research and Development Canada on issues of Climate Change and Security. 


Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for internships with Science for Peace. Interns have played a critical function in the organization's peace education research and knowledge dissemination. 


As a second-year physics undergrad at the University of Toronto, Walter Dorn was mentored by Science for Peace's professors. The experience led him to become an expert on peacekeeping technologies with the United Nations. 

What is involved?

We offer university students an opportunity to further their understanding of peace and sustainability issues and gain research and/or administrative experience.

The term of the internship is open. You may wish to commit yourself to one term of four months or opt for a longer posting. You can normally expect to spend three or four hours a week on the internship.

Interns will have one or more of the following responsibilities:

· Help coordinate one working group or initiative

· Participate in a research project, for example, the history of Science for Peace

· Assist in event organization

· Utilize social media to increase the reach of the organization’s work

General Qualifications

We look for motivated and knowledgeable students with an aptitude for research, writing for a general audience, and social media.

Benefits of Internship

· Project management experience and professional skills

· Access to working group and other activities and events

· Publication opportunities on the SfP website

· Free membership in SfP for one year

· A reference letter from the president of the association attesting to your work and motivation

· If you complete an approved 2,000 world article for our website, you’ll receive an honorarium of $500

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