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Our Right to Know
Working Group

Gilles Fecteau
Chair, Our Right to Know Working Group
Senior Scientist (Ret.), IBM Toronto Software Lab


Who We Are

The Our Right to Know timelines documents obstacles that scientists and scholars face doing research and sharing their findings. It is organized by date and has separate sections for provincial, federal, and international events. It started when the Harper government eliminated some research entities, destroyed archived data and created obstacles. We continued to this day because challenges, even within Canada, have not disappeared.

In addition to the timelines, we have created a petition that requests the government to limit oil production permits in synch with the reduction of world and domestic oil consumption.

Please use this link to sign e-4225.

Timelines Updates: Get Involved

If you come across an article that you think should be added to one of our timelines, send the link and a brief description to with the subject "Suggested timeline update". If you would like to join our working group, please send an email to the same address.

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