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Richard Sandbrook, President
Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Toronto, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Jorge Filmus, Vice-President
Professor of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto


Arnd Jurgensen, Member at Large
Faculty Member, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto


Ellie Kirzner, Secretary
Former Chair, Nonviolence and Civil Society
Working Group, Science for Peace

Veronica Dahl.png

Veroinca Dahl,
Member at Large

Professor of Computer Science,
Simon Fraser University

Bill Browett.jpeg

Bill Browett, Member at Large
PhD (Chemistry), Senior Industry Research Scientist

Board of Directors


Robert Acheson
Lyn Adamson
Janis Alton

Bill Browett

Phyllis Creighton (honorary)

Veronica Dahl

Chandler Davis (honorary)

Judy Deutsch

Tom Deligiannis

Michel Duguay


John Duncan

Gilles Fecteau
Jorge Filmus
Ali Hashemi

Arnd Jurgensen


Linda Kalafatides

Ellie Kirzner

Derek Paul (honorary)
Richard Sandbrook
Vladimir Zhagora

Adnan Zuberi

Honorary Directors


Phyllis Creighton, O. Ont

Chandler Davis, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Toronto Derek Paul, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Toronto

Blumenfeld Junior Fellows, 2022-23

Alfie Hoar




Alfie Hoar is a student at Pembroke College, Oxford, studying Physics and Philosophy. Having just completed his Bachelor’s degree and is now moving into his Master’s, Alfie has a broad interest in the philosophy of science and science’s place in society. He has been involved in campaigns against climate science misinformation and for progressive climate policy in the UK. He participates in SfP’s Non-Violent Resistance Working Group.

Boris Kyrychenko




Boris Kyrychenko, born and raised in Toronto, is a recent undergraduate from the University of Toronto, who completed his major in International Relations, and two minors in political science and French studies. His research interests include Canadian foreign policy, world history, nuclear non-proliferation, Eastern European and NATO geopolitics. 

Aidan Oliver










Aidan Oliver is a Master's student at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) at Carleton University. In April 2022, she completed her undergraduate at the University of Toronto in Political Science, Environmental Science and French; writing a senior thesis on Arctic Security. She also works for Defence Research and Development Canada on issues of Climate Change and Security. 

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