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Report of the Working Group on Global Governance


Members: Helmut Burkhardt (chair), Norman Dyson, Rose Dyson, Brydon Gombay, Julia Morton-Marr, Tom Simunovic, Peter Venton, Adnan Zuberi


We believe good global governance is meaningful, feasible and necessary. The time is right for replacing globally the inhumane law of force with the just force of law. A World Federation or an effectively reformed UN could help with solving global issues such as nuclear weapons, wars, climate change, and terrorism.

We collect, produce, and disseminate knowledge on global governance. We raise public awareness worldwide about the need for good global governance and the dangers of bad global governance.


Our Public Forum on Global Governance is accessible via email at It is functional but has not attracted outsiders. The closed Yahoo discussion group for members is frequently used for our work. The ideas and activities of the working group are summarized on our publicly accessible website/blog

Facebook (FB) groups have been established for several projects.

The people-centered global governance FB group was established together with the Simpol group in the UK.

As proposed at the AGM, the Toronto Peace Network (TPN) FB group was created. It needs further development.

Another FB group was created as a Virtual World Federalist Movement — Canada Toronto Branch (WFM-C Toronto) This FB group will likely serve as the main communications channel for the actual WFM-C Toronto Branch as a result of our effort to revive it in a public meeting organized in cooperation with Fergus Watt, the executive coordinator of WFM-C in Ottawa.


Dr. Helmut Burkhardt, Professor of Physics Emeritus, Ryerson University

Coordinator, Science for Peace Working Group on Global Governance for a Just and Sustainable World,

In cooperation with Fergus Watt, Executive Secretary, WFM-Canada

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