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Sustainability and Security Education Round Table

This event was organized by Julia Morton-Marr. Wednesday Feb 13, 2002 at 2pm – 5pm; 2nd Floor Rm 2-282, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education OISE, University of Toronto, (By invitation only)

The Round Table was arranged for balance. Participants were selected to create the following conditions. There were 7 men and 7 women; 2 students,S school teachers, 9 with a focus on sustainability or global education, 6 University Professors linking 5 Universities, 11 NGO’s were represented, 7 VOW members,S SFP, 6 IHTEC. The Round Table represented a small United Nations with Asia, Japan, South America, Europe, Canada, Australia represented. The following topics from the Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order were discussed over three hours. Climate Change, Security, Environment, Sustainability Education, Values, Environmental Health, Peace Education, Citizenship Ed., Human Rights, Spirituality, Educational methodology, Systems Sciences, Health, United Nations. We were very glad to have Chuck Hopkins, UNESCO Sustainability Education, who made comments after each speaker. The discussions will continue, and the final results will be presented at the Interdisciplinary Conference Evolution of World Order, May 30 to June 2, at Oakham House, Ryerson University. For contributions, please contact Julia at. .

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