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Science for Peace Notes

A Nominating Committee has been struck for the upcoming AGM. Please respond positively to a call for nominations to a position on the Board.

Please check out our new website at We also have a blog to which members can post. Instructions for opening accounts will be sent separately.

Editor’s Note

The articles in The Bulletin are the opinion of the writers and may not represent the views of all our members or of the Bulletin editor. Like Science for Peace in general, the Bulletin encourages a vibrant dialogue on important topics.


A Memorial Lecture by Steven Starr to honour Alan Phillips was held in Waterloo on March 24 and in Toronto on March 26 at 7 p.m. in Room 2279 at OISE. This talk on nuclear weapons and climate change was sponsored by Science for Peace.

A World March for Peace and Nonviolence will take place from October 2, 2009 to January 2, 2010. It will be the first World March for Peace and Nonviolence to circle the Earth. See and . It will last 90 days and cover all climates and seasons.

Documentary Films

“Myth for Profit: Canada’s Role in Industries of War and Peace”

“Running Guns: A Journey into the Small Arms Trade” by Shelley Saywell with Keifer Sutherland (Every year enough bullets are produced to kill every human being twice)

“The Strangest Dream” a tribute to Dr. Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash movement to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. This NFB film was shown on March 24 at Hart House, University of Toronto at 7 p.m. Free admittance to the film and discussion with expert panel. For more information contact Dr. Walter Dorn 416-482-6800 × 6538

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