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82.27. Poster-Book On The Dangers Of Nuclear War

Now available for $5. — postage included, is a nuclear war dangers poster-book in the form of maps and diagrams with commentary by Dr. William Bunge, geographer. Copies of the book are available from Mrs. Bunge at 15 rue Sacre-Coeur, Arthabaska, Quebec G6P 5Y3.

82.28. Publications And Past Events

  1. Book: Jonathan Schell, The Fate of the earth (Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y., $11.95). A chilling projection of the consequences of nuclear war and an analysis of the choices before us. Articles by the same author have been pub-lished in the New Yorker of February 1, 8, 15. The SCM Bookstore (333 Bloor St., Toronto, M5S 1W7) has been asked to stock copies.

  2. Magazines:

  3. The Progressive, February, 1982 contains articles under general heading Edging toward war: The logic of nuclear escalation (Richard Thaxton),The stuff that bombs are made of (Samuel Day & Catherine Quigg), The return of chemical warfare. Write to Reprints, The Progressive, 409 East Main St., Madison, WI 53703.

  4. The Defence Monitor, Vol. X, No. 8 (1982) published by the Center for Defense Information. Preparing for nuclear war: President Reagan’s Program.

  5. Article: Donald G. Bates, Nuclear holocaust (Globe & Mails March 15, 1982, p.7).

  6. Meetings:

  7. March 16, 1982. (University of Toronto) Canada as a nuclear weapons free zone with Dr. Hanna Newcombe (Peace Research Institute)

  8. March 22, 1982 (Jesuit Centre, Toronto) Nuclear power, nuclear weapons: an Asian perspective with Dr. Yasuo Nakagawa (Kobe University, Japan). and Mr. Peter Neu (Maryknoll lay missionary, Hong Kong).

  9. April 20, 1982 (Toronto Arts Production Forum) If you love this planet Film presentation and discussion by panel moderated by Rev. Clifford Elliot.

  10. April 22, 1982 (Univaraity of Toronto) Convocation to prevent nuclear war Films, display and panel ono “Economic effects of the arms race” sponsored by Student Pugwash, SCM and Science for Peace.

82.30. SCM Bookroom Peace And Disarmament Section

The SCM Bookroom has established a section for books on Peace and Dis-armament. Currently they are featuring a selection of these books in their display cabinet outside the shop. We should encourage them by giving them our custom (10% cash discount!). Also you may have suggestions for books they should stock: call Beverley Stilmore, who is in charge of this section, at 979-9624. Call this number for orders, or write to SCM Bookroom, 333 Bloor Street West, Toronto M5S 1W7.

82.31. National Academy Of Sciences Resolution

The National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. issued 27 April, 1982 a Resolution on Nuclear War and Arms Control. An overwhelming majority of the more than 200 members gathered at the annual meeting in Washington called upon U.S. Congress, the President, and other world leaders to reopen and intensify efforts to reduce the threat of nuclear war. This unprecedental action by NAS should be emulated by other learned societies. We encourage members of Science for Peace who are Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada to introduce a resolution (perhaps based on the Minority Report) at the annual meeting in Ottawa in June.

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