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Willowdale, Ont.

I am a member of the Young Scientists of Canada (an affiliate of the Youth Science Foundation). I have a school assignment on Science and Society. I’ve decided to choose a scientist’s point of view on the arms race and SDI as an example.

It would be tragic to blame man’s catastrophic deeds on science. Using science in a moderate way to eliminate nuclear weapons and achieve international peace are some things that I would like to see. There are a lot of unfulfilled promises that science can bring to the world as a whole because no racial barriers exist for scientists.

Any suggestions on how to implement science and society into the classroom, as well as any information on how science can be put to peaceful uses in terms of SDI would be appreciated.

— Amy Ma, Grade 9 Zion Heights JHS Montreal, P.O.

I heard George Ignatieff speaking French on the Quebec educational network. He was very good.

Vermont ETV and TV Ontario are re-running Gwynne Dyer’s WAR this month. The seven-part series begins Friday, June 19, lOpm in Ontario and on Tuesday, June 23, lOpm on Vermont ETV, Channel 33, cable channel 14, in Montreal.

— Tish Kasirer Toronto, Ont.

The New York Review of Books recently published an excellent three-part essay on Star Wars and nuclear strategy by Lord Zuckerman.The author who has been chief scientific advisor to successive British prime ministers and ministers of defence offers insightful and far-reaching analysis in the context of reviewing several books on nuclear issues. The articles appear in the April 9, 23 add May 7 issues.

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