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Events 1982-04

82.53. University College Lectures In Peace Studies

This new series of six public lectures is offered by University College at the University of Toronto, and cosponsored by Science for Peace, with the aim of providing the university’s community a deeper understanding of the pos-sible contributions of scholarship to the advancement of peace.

The lectures will be held in West Hall, University College, at 8:00 p.m., and will be followed by a discussion period. One lecture has already occurred, but you are cordially welcome to attend the rest. The complete programme follows:

  1. 30 September: Prof. George Quester, Chairman, Dept. of Government and Politics, University of Maryland

  2. 22 October: Prof. Elise Boulding, Chairman, Dept. of Sociology, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

  3. 19 November: Dr. William Epstein, Consultant on Disarmament, Canadian Government

  4. 13 January: Prof. Kosta Tsipis, Dept. of Physics and Program in Science and Technology for International Security, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  5. 24 February: Prof. Anatol Rapoport, Director, Institute for Advanced Study, Vienna

  6. 24 March: Prof. Seymour Melman, Department of Industrial Engineering, Columbia University

Further information: Terry Gardner (416) 978-6926 82.54. UCAM RALLY AT UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO

At lunch time on Thursday, September 16, over 100 members of the univer-sity attended a rally on the knoll in front of Hart House. It was the occasion of introducing to the campus a new organization, the University of Toronto Dis-armament Campaign (UCAM) and to delve into implications of the nuclear arms race. Student Matthew Clark delivered a restrained but effective address on the risks of the arms race. Professor Mel Watkins of the Economics Department looked at the economic consequences. Professor Metta Spencer, a sociologist, discussed feelings of fear, guilt and apathy consequent to nuclear armaments. Finally, Professor Ursula Franklin (Metallurgy) expressed her concern that democracy is being undermined. (Varsity report, Sept. 17, p. 3)

82.55. Falk – Talk

The speech given by Richard Falk at Convocation Hall, June 4th 1982 was taped, typed, sent to him for editing, and released by him to Science for Peace for distribution as we see fit.

S4P will provide copies of the typescript for $3.00, copies of the tape for $3.00 plus cost of the blank tape. Purchasers are encouraged to buy only one copy and to make further copies themselves. Our price will drop when we have recovered our costs. We hope that this important message will reach many church and school libraries, as well as community groups and interested individuals. (LTG)

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