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“Mr. Da In The Land Of Nyet” is the vay Don Bates describes his impressions of Mikhail Gorbachev after a two hour conversation among the IPPNW Executive Committee and Mr. Gorbachev in June, Vol. 3, No. 3, of Don’s Thoughts On Peace And Security, P. O. Box 608, Victoria Station, Montréal, Que. H3Z 2Y7. $2.50

Available From the Bulletin:

Joint Statement by Reagan and Gorbachev at the Summit in Washington from the Washington Post, 11 Dec.‘87:

Map of sites named in the Summit arms agreement: the US, USSR,Western and Eastern Europe. From The New York Times, 11 Dec ’87.

Exchange of Farewells, Mr. Reagan and Mr. Gorbachev, The New York Times, 11 Dec ’87.

Yearbook Of World Armaments And Disarmament 1987 from SfPRI, now available from Oxford University Press,200 Madison Ave. NY 10016, USA. $55 US. Send check or money order to Humanities and Social Sciences Marketing Department.

The Int’l Institute Of Concern For Public Health makes available on request ($16) its brief to the Ontario Nuclear Safety Review. Subject of the brief: the human health dimensions of Ontario’s uranium and nuclear industries and emergency preparedness. New address for IICPH is 830 Bathurst St. Toronto M5R 3G1. Telephone: 533-7351.

DND Report

“Media commentary has questioned the estimated costs of the nuclear-powered submarine program,” reports the Dept. of National Defence. To help clarify the issue,a news release from the Department, Nov. 26, presents a compendium of statements on-the-record in the House of Commons or to the media. Available from DND or from the Bulletin.

Another Forgotten Editor

Cedric Smith (Calton Laboratory, University College, 4 Stephens Way, London NW1 2HE, UK) is one of four editors of a small journal, Colson News, which celebrates the recent discovery (i.e., only 260 years ago) by John Colson, FRS, that arithmetic can be vastly simplified by using negative digits. Augustin Gauchy rediscovered it a century ago. Besides that, it has articles on little-known properties of numbers, puzzles, challenges to suit the beginner and the expert, ways of winning games, historical notes, etc. Vol 1, 21, Vols 2 and 3, 12 each. Make cheques (in sterling, please) payable to Cedric A. B. Smith and mail to the above address.

Leonard Johnson’s A General for Peace (Lorimer, $16.96) is in the bookstores and receiving rave reviews — a hard act to follow for a fellow SfP member who would like to write an own rave review. This is a book whose impact on readers will generate much media attention and provide much grist for conversations. Reader reactions are always welcome here.

Frank Jones’ column about Len and the book in the November 23 Toronto Star points out that “One of the main themes of his book is the total isolation in which senior military people exist, himself included. Of a visit he made to SAC (Omaha, Nebraska, USA) headquarters, he writes: ‘The generals and every one else we met — all otherwise estimable people — lived and played their adult games in a fantasy world in which moral sensibility was a disqualification for service.’”

Computers in Battle: Will They Work? is a publication of Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility, editors: David Bellin and Gary Chapman, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,NY,1987,ISBN-0-15-121232-5. David Parnas is author of Chapter Seven: “Computers in Weapons: The Limits of Confidence”.

For those who followed Elisabeth Mann Borgese’s lucid reportage on the developing Law of the Sea through to the adoption of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982, it will be especially welcome news that she has engaged to prepare a Points of View paper for CIIPS: “Towards A World Space Organization”, Nov. 1987, Number 5, Given Science for Peace’s interest in the peaceful use of space, her remarks re Canada and the world space organization are particularly important.

The paper is available from CIIPS or from the Bulletin._

Some reprints of interest

From the New York Times:

  1. “US-Canada Trade Pact’s Details Listed”

  2. “Hockey and Missiles”

  3. “Space Station Accord Reached with Canada”

  4. “Arias Talk on Getting the Nobel” (Dec. 10) The full text of the address in Oslo by President Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. President Arias spoke in English and the text was issued by the Nobel Foundation.

The Publications Committee has the following members’ books on consignment:

  1. Thomas Perry and James Foulks, Editors, End I;the Arms Race: Fund Human Needs. $10 Cdn.

  2. Walter Dorn, Peace Keeping Satellites, $8 Cdn.

The books may be purchased directly from the chairman. Make checks or money orders to Prof. A. Rapoport, University College, University of Toronto, Toronto Canada M5S 1A1.

Defending Europe, editor: Derek Paul, is still available from the national office.$14 Cdn. Make checks or money orders to Derek Paul or to Science for Peace.

To the Editor:

I would like to call to the attention of Bulletin readers this background article on the case of the Canadian being tried in US courts for attempting sale to Pakistan of an unauthorized substance useful to the making of nuclear weapons. I think the article is important because it reminds us that, while we are rejoicing in the first tentative steps being taken for nuclear disarmament, Pakistan appears to be working with equal determination to join the Nuclear Club. The article is of special interest because of the Canadian connection.

– Alison MacLeod Toronto

Reprint available from the Bulletin.)

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