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Saul, John Ralston. A Fair Country: Telling Truths About Canada Viking Canada 2008

Wright, Ronald. What is America? A Short History of the New World Order Alfred A. Knopf 2008

Mazigh, Monia. Hope and Despair: My Struggle to Free my Husband (Maher Arar)

Kempf, Herve. How the Rich are Destroying the Earth

Books recommended by the David Suzuki Foundation:

Glave, James. Almost Green Greystone Books

Nikiforuk, Andrew. Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent Greystone Books

Woody, John G. and Hoffman, Andrew J. Climate Change: What’s Your Business Strategy? McGraw Hill Ryerson.

Managing Without Growth

Peter Victor, Managing Without Growth: Slower by design, Not Disaster (Edward Elgar Publishing, UK 2008)

On 18 November, a remarkable book launch took place in the distillery district of Toronto. The event was very well attended and there were three excellent, informative and inspirational speeches: by Toronto’s Mayor, David Miller, by David Suzuki, and by the author. Peter Victor is Professor of Economics, within Environmental Studies at York University, and is well known to some members of Science for Peace. The publication of this work will vindicate the increasing number of our members who have been voicing the opinion that it is essential we learn to live without economic growth, that is, without increasing throughput of planetary resources. The book is of the greatest importance, because it takes nothing for granted, and proves its case stage by stage, so that the conservatives within the profession of economics will be left no credible escape routes backward into their mythical and self-serving belief in the necessity of growth.

Derek Paul

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