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82.17. Disarmament Referenda In Canada

Disarmament Referenda will likely appear on the ballot in many communities across Canada in November – 27 at the time of writing, including Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, North Vancouver, London, Kingston, Windsor and Vancouver. The question to be asked will be of the form: “Do you support the goal of general disarmament and mandate your government to negotiate and implement, with other governments, the balanced steps that would lead to the earliest possible achieve-ment of this goal?” A positive answer to this question from a large number of Canadians will mandate the government to support a global referendum on disarma-ment. This is the eventual aim of OPERATION DISMANTLE, the organisation which has been largely responsible for the disarmament referenda.

Members of Science For Peace should consider joining Operation Dismantle (Box 3887, Station “C”, Ottawa KlY 4M5 : tel. 613-722-6001). If you are in a community where a referendum is to be held, you should find out how you can help with the educational activities leading up to othe referendum. You should in any case explore the possibility of bringing to your Local Board of Health and/or City Council a proposal to adopt recommendations like those adopted by Toronto City Council.

The referendum decision in Toronto has one final hurdle to cross since a special by-law is needed to confirm the earlier decision. This may be critical and Alderman Richard Gilbert urges Toronto residents to telephone or write to their alderman supporting the referendum and to attend the Toronto City Council meeting for the discussion on the by-law at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday May 6.

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