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When Oppenheimer Named Names, and Another Untold Story: The Nuclear Testing Tragedy

More of what's missing in Oppenheimer

by Greg Mitchell Posted on July 25, 2023

Reprinted with permission from Greg Mitchell’s blog Oppenheimer: From Hiroshima to Hollywood. My appearance on Democracy Now! yesterday morning led to a lot of social media interest and links and inquiries. Happy to continue to talk to old and new audiences as (maybe) Oppenheimer drives fresh interest and (maybe) compelling activism. On one zoom chat with about 75 antinuclear activists and experts one of the attendees was the daughter of Stanley Kramer, director of the earliest big-budget Hollywood movie (Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner) depicting the end of the world due to nuclear bomb blasts, On the Beach. Nice that I got another invite from Amy Goodman, as I had been on the show just a couple of months back around my PBS film Memorial Day Massacre and book. And here’s a new audio interview with me just posted at the great books site, LitHub. Also got a couple of nice shout outs from my old Nuclear Times colleague (1982-1985) David Corn at Mother Jones in his newsletter today, don’t miss it.

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