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Battling hate

Hate drives war and war drives hate.

Hate, abetted by legions of liars, human and virtual, leads to governments acting, to different degrees, directly against public interest, against our survival, against our environment. Governments, some more than others, are acting in the interests of powerful economic interests, willing to murder the future in the name of greed.

Hate is a tool used by the criminals to help them steal more, to sell more weapons to other criminals. The criminals steal from us all, they make us poor, they take away our health care, they poison our world and our food… Their armies of murderous liars and bots tell us “it is their fault”, “they are to be blamed “- immigrants, Hispanics, Chinese, Muslims, Gays, Women, Blacks, Jews… So we get mad, frustrated and frightened and we buy guns and we shoot “them” and each other.

Hate divides us. Through polarization and fragmentation hate destroys our civil societies which represent and defend our common good.

Hate seems to be everywhere, amplified by the chamber of mirrors that is the virtual world where there is no inhibition and death threats are a common currency. COVID-19 has brought out a great deal of hate.

Hate is intertwined with all the other existential crises we face.

We must act against hate. What can we do?


Andrew Pakula is a long time peace activist and has been a member of Science for Peace from the very beginning. He is a retired social research and management consultant with a background in social psychology.

[Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay]

#hate #Racism #war

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