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Research + Action 
on vital issues concerning human security

We critically examine the destructive role of nuclear weapons, climate change, and institutions that endanger common security, and the positive role played by nonviolent approaches to conflict resolution

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Science for Peace at the student encampment at University of Toronto

Petition (E-4225) to the federal government regarding Canada's oil exports received sufficient signatures to require a response from the minister. The response has been posted on this link
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40 Years of Making a Difference

Science for Peace is organization consisting of scientists, students and the general public that work together to promote peace worldwide. Founded by a distinguished group of concerned scientists at the University of Toronto, Science for Peace has positively impacted the major institutions of our society for over forty years, from contributing to the creation of the University of Toronto's peace studies program and mentoring students to chairing working groups and providing expert witnesses to the House of Commons on matters concerning human security. The organization's workshops, lectures, and Franz Blumenfeld Peace Education Fund are notable instances of the organization's perseverance.

  355-15 King’s College Circle · Toronto, Ontario, Canada · M5S 3H7

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