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Youth Science Foundation

Here are a few words from 5 of the 65 recipients of the 1999 Peace Through Science prize awarded by Science for Peace at various regional science fairs throughout the country.

From Katherine and Matheson of Halifax, NS: ‘‘you are inspiring many people across the country to do their best and really give thought to the world of science. It is nice to know that there are organizations out there that are encouraging positive and constructive uses of science, opposed to negative uses such as nuclear weapons.”

From Merritt and Stuart of Vernon BC: “Our project’s name was Impending Global Disaster and was based on the media’s influence on the potential end of the world, it also required us to research all of the choices given out on a survey. Many people though that we were either crazy or weird doing this project, but in the end many of the people liked the project including most of the judges.”

From Michael in Kitchener, ON: “As a young member of the scientific community, it is very encouraging to see my country and province supporting peace. Your support will encourage me to pursue the field of science and technology, as well as considering the human and social aspect of my endeavours. Knowing that developments for peace are supported is very inspiring, and your contribution make me hopeful for a better future. I hope next years science fair will be successful and that with your support violent conflict can be eliminated.”

Now, what could be more satisfying than reading dozens of such letters, standing in as a judge, selecting prizes, researching peace curriculum or communicating with staff at the Youth Science Foundation in Ottawa. If you would like to get involved in some fashion in this endeavour with budding young scientists, please contact Carolyn Langdon at Science for Peaee, or tel. 416-978-3606.

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