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Workshop on the Control of Chemical and Biological Weapons

Experts from Canada and other nations will be invited to a one-day workshop on the control of chemical and biological weapons (CBW) April 5, 1989 at the Croft Chapter House, Univ. of Toronto. They will discuss aspects of three treaties: Geneva protocol of 1925, the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972, and the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) now under negotiations. This will be coupled with a public education forum at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute-Oakham House to provide an opportunity for a wide audience to attend lectures by the experts. The public seminars in the afternoon of April 4th will address:

  1. the history of chemical weapons, warfare and control,

  2. technical and scientific facts,

  3. detection technologies, and

  4. verification and compliance issues.

These will be followed by a Panel Discussion in the evening as per the Forum on Peace and Justice. The evening program is free, while there is a $15 fee for participation in the Public Forum in the afternoon.

The following day the experts will discuss:

  1. technical and political aspects of verification,

  2. rolling text of the CWC,

  3. responses to violations

  4. promoting compliance with the treaties

  5. future prospects for a global ban,

  6. role of Non-Governmental Organizations.

The workshop is sponsored by the Working Group on International Surveillance and Verification. whose membership includes SfP, Lawyers for Social Responsibility, World Federalists of Canada, Peace Research Institute-Dundas, Group of 78, Veterans against Nuclear Arms, Engineers for Nuclear Disarmament, and individuals with relevant experience.

The objectives of the experts meeting are to survey progress in the field of CBW control, to form a consensus from the thinking of experts, to discuss possible recommendations for the Canadian government and the United Nations, and to publish a report for the dissemination of the conference considerations.

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