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Working Groups Of Science For Peace

  1. Science and Ethics:

  2. Kelly Gotlieb

  3. Eric Fawcett

  4. United Nations Reform:

  5. Hanna Newcombe FAX: 905-628-1830

  6. Walter Dorn

  7. Nuclear Weapons Abolition:

  8. Alan Phillips

  9. Shirley Farlinger Tel. 416-923-9061

  10. Landmine Abolition:

  11. Margaret Back

  12. Tom Davis

  13. Chemical & Biological Warfare Prevention:

  14. Peter Nicholls

  15. Walter Dorn

  16. Alternative Futures:

  17. John Valleau

  18. Metta Spencer

  19. Human Rights:

  20. John Pendergrast

  21. Phyllis Creighton FAX 416-483-8935

  22. Genetics & Biotechnology:

  23. Rose Sheinin FAX 416-978-1759

  24. Peter Nicholls

  25. Militarism & Environment:

  26. Miriam Diamond

  27. Eric Fawcett

  28. Scientific Cooperation with Cuba;

  29. Lee Lorch

  30. Shawn Lovejoy

  31. Climate Change:

  32. Derek Paul

  33. Adele Buckley

  34. Electronic Surveillance:

  35. Bill Robinson

  36. Walter Dorn

If you are interested in the activities of any of these Working Groups, please contact one of the coordinators listed or the Science for Peace Office, who can supply their FAX and telephone numbers. We should like to encourage the active participation of members in the activities of the working groups, if need be by means of electronic mail (e-mail or FAX).

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