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Volunteers Needed

  1. Office support. We need staff. If you can volunteer for half a day a week or even less this would be a great help. If you are interested, please call the office 978-3606.

  2. Promoting Science for Peace Lectures. A team of two or three volunteers, working out of the SfP office in University College, could transform these important lectures into major public events. Help is needed during the academic terms in promoting the University College Lectures in Peace Studies (UCLIPS) in the media (press releases), within the university, and with other groups – peace, environment, social justice, etc. To volunteer, call 978-3606 (office) or 485-0990 (Eric Fawcett).

  3. Editors for the Science for Peace pages in Peace Magazine. Tel. (416) 978-2971 (office) or (416) 929-8492 (home).

  4. Membership Secretary and/or Assistant. Tel. Eric Fawcett, (416) 485-0990.

  5. Assistants for the Fund-Raising Brunch on September 17. Tel. (416) 923-9061:

  6. Assistants to organize Fall events. Tel. (416) 978-3606.

  7. Publicity for any or all of these events. Tel any of the above numbers, or Peter Nicholls at (905) 688-5550 or (905) 682-2343.

  8. Research coordinator (scientific). Tel. (416) 978- 6928 or Peter Nicholls.

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