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Video Presentations

I would like to share with you some results of the Science for Peace video outreach. So far, we have had 7 presentations of three films: Michael Ruppert’s “Truthand Lies of 9/11”(four times), Vision TV’s “Great Deception & Asking Tough Questions” (twice), and Frank Dorrel’s “What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy” (once). The presentations attracted about 70 to 120 people each.

In all cases, flyers were prepared and posted on the campus and nearby

and email lists were used to promote the presentations. Over 500 new people who were neither members of Science for Peace nor other activist groups attended the films, indicating an increase in interest of people in alternative sources of information.

Although Michael Ruppert’s film had the highest attendance and is very informative, the Canadian version of 9/11 (Vision TV), which was presented by Barrie Zwicker and followed by a panel discussion, seems to be more balanced and peace-promoting. Frank Dorrel’s film, which consists of 10 documentary pieces about CIA and Pentagon operations after WW2, is superior in historical terms. Anybody who has not seen this film is cordially

invited to our next presentation at 6:30pm Tuesday July 9, Room 179, University College, 15 King’s College Circle, UofT. It also may be borrowed the from the SfP office.

Finally, many people made these shows possible. Carolyn Langdon reserved rooms and arranged video equipment. Jean Smith, Catherine Parks, and Ian Calvert distributed flyers. Jean Smith, John Valleau, Paul Hamel, Phyllis Creighton, Bob Olsen, Barrie Zwicker, Ian Woods, and others were hosts and special speakers. Many other Science for Peace Members also contributed to promotion and organisation (sorry for not mentioning them). Let me express my gratitude to them for this useful work.

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