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Treasurer's Report

During the past two years Science for Peace has witnessed a substantial growth in its membership and in the variety of activities that are sup­ported. The increased membership has resulted in a steady growth in finan­cial contributions to the organization as is demonstrated by the following annual private sector donations:

1983: $6,800 1984: $6,900 1985: $17,700 1986: $19,000

This has made possible the regular publication and distribution of the Science for Peace Bulletin, which has become a major medium of communication among members of the organization. In addition,a variety of other activities such as peace lectures, initiation of research activities, award of science project prizes and presentation of Science for Peace views to government and other agencies, etc., have been supported.

These figures do not reflect the entire scope of funding of Science for Peace activities. In addition to di­rect private sector contributions, chapters and individual members of Science for Peace have sought and received grants far in excess of the above figures for funding of confer­ences, lectures and research on peace related topics.

There are now many regional chapters throughout the country; this has necessitated a financial restructuring of the organization. A substantial portion of Science for Peace income is now transferred directly to the chap­ters. Consequently, chapter finances are now part of the general audit.

In more specific terms, it paid for one aircraft ‘carrier traveling at 16 knots, to move 8.4 feet!

A detailed financial statement for the 1985-86 year will be prepared shortly by the auditor.

On a more personal note, T want to express my appreciation to Gwen Rapoport and Maureen Kapral for all of the assistance that they have provided over the past two years. Without their help I would have found the job impossible.

– Raymond Kapral

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