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To Be at Peace: Twenty-four Small Steps towards Lasting, Active Peace-on-Earth

  1. They say “Peace, Peace”, when there is no definition of Peace.

  2. A war-filled future would be: most tragic; so learn: Active Peace (a Happier Way).

  3. Active Peace is not Perfect Peace; but Active Peace is Enough Peace.

  4. Active Peace is the Spirit in Moderation.

  5. Human Living is: Moderate Activity.

  6. Harmony is: the Safe, Moderate, and Happy Interactivity of Things, Plants, Animals, and People, Day-after-Day

  7. It doesn’t matter what the issue is — there shouldn’t be excessive conflict.

  8. The Way of Peace is not always My Way — often the Other must have His-or-Her Way.

  9. To anyone: your rules are not my rules. Yet we live together.

  10. Fools do too much or too little.

  11. Balance between: Gentleness and Mild Aggression.

  12. Each Day should have enough trouble, but not too much.

  13. Excessive conflict destroys, but mild conflict creates.

  14. Between boredom and war there is: Mild, Happy, Harmless Conflict.

  15. Mild opposition strengthens us, but very strong opposition weakens us.

  16. Our Life should be: not too boring, but also: not too violent.

  17. Sometimes we require a little bit of Mild Conflict, to resolve a Problem.

  18. There is no just war and no just civil war. Excessive fighting is evil; both sides are guilty.

  19. About war-crimes: war (=excessive conflict) is the crime.

  20. One accepted role of the nations is: to have wars. What lousy role models the nations are!

  21. To strike back is escalation of conflict. If both sides strike back automatically, there is no Hope.

  22. “All or none”: The destructive powers of all the nations should be abandoned to secure all peoples’ future.

  23. Peace-on-Earth? Now we have to work with existing systems, including the fact that the other nations are armed.

  24. World-Disarmament will be difficult. We have to try. For the children.

Hugh F. H. Dobson works at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters, Burlington. Address: 426 Seneca Ave., Burlington, Ont L7R 3A2

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