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The Peace from Science Award

Dear Colleagues,

Once again Science for Peace and the Youth Science Foundation will be sponsoring a National Award on Peace from Science for an appropriate project by high school students. Last year we received eleven nominations from regional and Canada-wide Science Fairs. Several could have been worthy of recognition, and an Honorable Mention was awarded as well as the prime prize of an all-expenses paid, escorted trip to the U.N. Conference on Disarmament and Development in New York City.

It is important that plenty of good nominations be generated by Regional Science Fairs, and this can best be done by encouraging the organizers and advisers locally. Offering prizes and one’s services as judges are good ways of generating such interest. The Youth Science Foundation is distributing announcement and nomination forms to the Regional Fairs and high schools. Enclosed is a list of Regional Science Fairs, their contact persons and their daytime telephone numbers if available). This should help Science for Peace members and chapters to communicate with local organizers. Last year Ottawa Chapter offered to help several Eastern Ontario Fairs. Please note that winning projects need not be done by a single student this year, and that the deadline for nominations is May 31. We aim to choose a winner in time to attend another UN Conference on Disarmament in May-June.

Jim Neelin, National Prize Coordinator

Last year’s prize winners were Elizabeth Henderson and Andrea Grigotza from Glebe Collegiate, Ottawa. Their project simulated the effects of a nuclear winter.

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