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The City of Hiroshima Peace Declaration

August 6, 1986

Forty-one years ago, on August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was devastated by a scorching flash of light and an earth shaking explosion. The streets were massed with people, many of them dead almost instantly,and many of the rest wondering if death was not the kinder fate. It was truly an earthly inferno surpassing imagination.

Risen from its ruins like the mythical phoenix, Hiroshima has repeatedly appealed for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and the creation of lasting world peace so that the evil not be repeated.

This year has been designated the International Year of Peace.

Calling for the total abolition of all nuclear weapons and the attainment of world peace, the voice of Hiroshima is today the voice of all peoples everywhere.

We are holding this Peace Summit in Hiroshima today to mobilize the world’s conscience for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and the attainment of lasting world peace.

It is essential that all cities and citizens of the world join together in expanding the circle of solidarity transcending national boundaries, partisan ideologies, and religious creeds to strengthen the bonds of human friendship and solidarity.

Today, on the occasion of this ceremony marking the forty-first anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, we offer our prayer for the repose of the victims’ souls and rededicate ourselves anew to the cause of peace.

— Takeshi Araki, Mayor

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