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The Board 1987-1988

Christian Bay, Gian Brenciaglia Jon Cohen, Chandler Davis, Walter Dorn, John Dove, Philipe Ehrensaft, Myriam Fernandez, Cynthia Folzer, Ursula Franklin, James Gardner, L. T. Gardner, Helga Guderley, David Horwood, George Ignatieff,Raymond Kapral, Robert Korol, Margarida Krause, Michael Lanphier, Paul LeBlond, Robert Malcolmson, Angelo Mingarelli, Peter Nicholls, David Parnas, Derek Paul, Anatol Rapoport, David Roulston, Norman Rubin, L. C. Schlichter, Luis Sobrino, George Spiegelman, M.O. Steinitz, Gerhard Stroink, Frank Thompson, Lynn Trainor, Israel Unger, John Valleau, Michael Wallace, Philip Wallace, Alan Weatherley, Janet Wood.

Nominating Committee:

  1. Anatol Rapoport

  2. Michael Lanphier

Program Directors

  1. John Dove, Conferences

  2. Paul LeBlond, Research

  3. Anatol Rapoport, Education

  4. Eric Fawcett, S.P.I.N,

Paul LeBlond was commended for helping to establish a network of regional research directors .across the country. A similar network of education directors who will work closely with the research network is envisaged as a major program for the coming year.

Complete set of Annual General Meeting Reports available from the National Office.

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