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Student Initiative Off the Ground!

In the fall, Science for Peace student members will be engaging secondary school students in an exploration of space issues including missile defence and weapons in space. We call it the ´student-to-student project.’ The main objectives are to dialogue with youth on the very urgent and critical issue of waging war in and from space and to provide a concrete means for student members of Science for Peace to participate in the organization.

We received overwhelming response to our job posting and useful comments and suggestions about the project. We hired on contract a most capable and engaging young woman, Sidrah Ahmad, to steer the project. She is entering her second year of studies at the University of Toronto in biology, environmental science, and philosophy. Her work with Science for Peace is to develop an interactive educational module to be used in workshops with secondary school students. A script and visual materials, such as overheads, will form the workshop kit and the kit will be made widely available. It is likely that student volunteers will visit classrooms and student clubs in groups of 2 or 3. There are a couple of students at the University of Victoria who are already keen to participate. Sidrah will consult with curriculum advisors at the Toronto Board of Education and Science for Peace members, among others. She has already attended the June 13 Funeral for the ABM treaty and a daylong strategy session on keeping space for peace.

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