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Science for Peace Forum: Can I Have a Say in Our Future?

On Friday, February 29, at OISE, an enthusiastic audience heard from six speakers:

Tony Clarke spoke on Changing Paradigms: why we must rethink the role of the State and Corporations in Response to the Crisis of Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Depletion of Water. He addressed “three deadly dynamics”: climate change, peak oil and depletion of natural resources.

Eduardo Sousa addressed the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement – Moving Beyond Doublespeak Acronyms into the Real World of Hope and Meaning. He spoke of the long-term goal of our business community and the military to harmonize regulations down to US levels. He also alerted us to the Civil Assistance Plan for American troops in Canada in the event of a public disturbance.

Professor Peter Victor spoke on Managing Without Growth. He noted that the economy is a subsystem of the biosphere and 60% of the ecosystem is in decline.

Professor Bill Vanderburg spoke on Can we Find Our Way out of the Labyrinth of Technology? He argued that specialization blinds us to the overall problems. Real solutions will come from different perspectives.

Jocelyn Thorpe addressed Temagami’s First Nations Land Claims: the Place of Indigenous People in Environmental Justice and Sustainability. She showed us pictures of Temagami and outlined the problems.

The Very Rev. Lois Wilson talked about Persistent Activism. She urged us not to give up but to find new ways to influence policy-makers.

Another forum is planned. For a $10 DVD of the event contact Jean Smith at 416- 535- 6605.

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