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Report on the status of the project, Education and the Media

Peter Brogden, Eric Fawcett, Shirley Farlinger, and Jean Smith have prepared a list of some of the members of Science for Peace as a resource for the print media. We want them to recognize Science for Peace as an organization made up of informed, involved and concerned people who are willing to make comments or give information on matters related to peace and science. It is hoped that in this way the public will come to know about Science for Peace as a source of enlightened opinion.

We have not had time to contact every member but our aim is eventually to list all those willing to be included. We are sending in the partial list because we felt it was important to establish Science for Peace as a good resource as soon as possible. Members are not expected to act as spokespeople for the official view of SIP since there isn’t one, but rather to give their own personal opinion on a subject. Neither are they expected to make comments regarding a subject if they do not feel able to do so adequately.

If we have not contacted you and you wish to be on the list please write to Jean Smith, c/o Science for Peace National Office, University College, University of Toronto, Toronto, M5S 1A1. We need the following information: name, work address, work and home phone numbers, position, languages, area(s) of concern and/or expertise on which you would be willing to express an opinion as a member of Science for Peace.

A copy of the complete list will be sent to those of you who are on it. Revisions will be made as more names are added and will be sent to you at appropriate times.

Jean Smith

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