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Report of the Working Group on Good Global Governance

It makes sense to regulate international affairs by the rule of global law instead of military might. Most people agree with this statement. It is safer, more economic, and more ecological than the chaotic violence that we observe in traditional global politics. However, many say proposing such a good world order is unrealistic, it will never happen because nations won’t give up their sovereignty. Also, some are afraid that the concentration of power of a global government is dangerous.

The mandate of our working group is education. Politicians and the general public need to become aware that:

  1. Unlikely events, if they make sense, sometimes happen unexpectedly.

  2. The mandate of a global government is to solve global problems, preventing climate change and wars. An individual will hardly notice that another level of government has been added.

Will Nations never give up Sovereignty?

On December 12, 2015, in Paris all the UN member nations did just that. It is a historic event, when all the heads of state signed the global climate change agreement, which required giving up some of their sovereignty and subordinating their national interest to the common good of preventing global climate change. The absolute sovereignty of nation states was weakened at the Paris Global Climate Conference (COP21). In order to build on this momentum, the Science for Peace Working Group on Good Global Governance has written an open letter to all the heads of state that proposed a follow-up global agreement on replacing war with international law. Here is the text of the open letter:

Open Letter to 195 Heads of State

The undersigned congratulate all heads of state on the successful Climate Change Agreement on December 12, 2015 in Paris. This is a historic event because national sovereignty was subordinated to global rules (?) of climate change for the sake of the survival of human civilization.
The undersigned propose to all heads of state a follow-up global agreement on the elimination of war. Weapons of mass destruction make the elimination of war by the rule of law necessary for the common good of humankind. Respectfully, On behalf of the Science for Peace Working Group on Good Global Governance for a Just and Sustainable World Professor Helmut Burkhardt, Dipl. Phys., Dr. Rer. Nat., Coordinator, All other signatories, individuals and institutions, are listed on our website.

The open Letter has so far been sent to the leaders of the most powerful nations and it is published on our website at: . Individuals and institutions can add their signature there. In order to get political traction, we need millions of signatures. We ask all Science for Peace members to sign the open letter. We also have asked Science for Peace to sign the Open Letter, as an organization.

Is Good Global Government dangerous? Many are afraid that the concentration of power within a global government is dangerous. However, governments at the local, provincial, national, and global levels are necessary to prevent chaos in these complex human systems. Governments are social tools, which may be applied for good or bad ends. A government at any level can be beneficial or dangerous, depending what its mandate is.

The mandate of a good global government is to focus on issues of global scope only that are outside of the jurisdiction of national governments. A good global government must regulate a) the interaction of nations, and b) the use of the global commons, i.e. the oceans, the polar regions, the atmosphere, and outer space. An individual interacts mainly with local and national governments and would hardly notice the addition of a government at the global level. There is no danger in a well-designed global government. However, political actors must be on guard to avoid the danger of corruption in all levels government.

Other Activities of the Working Group We have created the website . Please visit the website to see other ideas that we have discussed via online dialogue and during the face to face meetings.

Helmut Burkhardt Dipl.Phys., Dr. rer. nat., Professor Emeritus Ryerson University; he can be reached at:

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