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Report from the Science for Peace Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on Saturday, May 17, at OISE and was chaired by Paul Hamel.

The Executive members were approved:

President – Judith Deutsch

Vice-President – Chandler Davis

Secretary – Alan Stauffer

Treasurer (interim) – Derek Paul

Member-at-large – Phyllis Creighton

The following Directors were elected or retained to complete their term:

  1. Janis Alton

  2. Margaret Back

  3. Hans Bathija

  4. Bob Baxter

  5. Kari Brozowski

  6. Phyllis Creighton

  7. John Courtneidge

  8. Veronica Dahl

  9. Ed Daniels

  10. Chandler Davis

  11. Judith Deutsch

  12. Karl Dilcher

  13. Walter Dorn

  14. Rose Dyson

  15. Margrit Eichler

  16. Brydon Gombay

  17. Anne Goodman

  18. Paul Hamel

  19. Eva Kushner

  20. Lee Lorch

  21. Shaun Lovejoy

  22. Margot Mandy

  23. Alex Michalos

  24. Julia Morton-Marr

  25. Peter Nicholls

  26. Derek Paul

  27. Jim Prentice

  28. Floyd Rudmin

  29. Robert Russell

  30. Metta Spencer

  31. George Spiegelman

  32. Alan Stauffer

  33. Herschel Stroyman

  34. John Valleau

  35. Joe Vise

  36. Paul York

(All Directors must be paid-up members)

Our thanks to the members of the Nominating Committee: Rose Dyson, John Courtnedge and Phyllis Creighton. The AGM also passed a resolution on nuclear power (see next page)

We welcome the new members, thank those retiring from the Board and appreciate the work and dedication of the continuing members. All together we will make a difference.



The Wasan Island Framework, agreed to by Science for Peace, supports the belief that there are good and sufficient alternatives to nuclear power in Ontario and in Canada,


There is growing evidence of harm to health from the entire nuclear chain including radiation from all operating nuclear power reactors and evidence of harm from even low levels of radiation,


Politicians at this moment are deciding the energy future for Ontario.


To stop uranium mining in Ontario there is a growing grassroots movement by the native population and groups such as Fight Uranium Mining and Exploration,


The links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons are increasingly evident as more nations turn to nuclear power as a step on the road to nuclear weapons,


A “deep geological repository” for the storage of radioactive waste has been proposed by Ontario Power Generation to be located on the Bruce nuclear site in the municipality of Kincardine, Ontario, for Ontario Power Generation-owned nuclear stations at Bruce, Pickering and Darlington,


Nuclear power does not solve the problem of climate change,


Funding for new nuclear plants in Ontario will necessarily reduce the amount of funding available for alternative energy research and supply,


Nuclear power, through its inherent danger, brought with it the Nuclear Liability Act,


Nuclear power leaves major expenses to future generations far beyond the life of the reactors,

We, the members of Science for Peace, declare our opposition to investment in new nuclear reactors and the refurbishment of old reactors increasing Ontario’s dependence on nuclear power, and so we urge a phaseout of nuclear energy and the adoption of renewable energy sources and conservation.

Moved by Shirley Farlinger, seconded by Chandler Davis, carried.

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