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Recent E-Mail Notices

We list the titles of recent SfP member network e-mailings, to inform members not on e-mail (and to remind those who are). Please contact the SfP office if you would like a hard-copy.

  1. Richard Falk, Democracy Died at the Gulf (s4p-1)

  2. Anatol Rapoport, The Motto “Science for Peace” (s4p-2)

  3. US Nuclear Strategy & the Third World (s4p-3)

  4. Indian Environmental Work for Sustainable Development (s4p-4)

  5. Spread of AIDS Exposes Poverty of Current Policy (s4p-5)

  6. US Plans to Thwart the International War Crimes Court (s4p-6)

  7. The Meltdown in Canada’s Polar Research (s4p-7)

  8. Russian Academician Warns of After-effects of Nuclear Testing (s4p-8)

  9. A Poem for Nagasaki Day in Toronto (s4p-9)

  10. The Agony of Iraq — a poem (s4p-10)

  11. Iraq — A Lost Generation (s4p-11)

  12. Kosovo War was NOT a Failure in Prevention — It was in the interests of many of the actors (s4p-12)

  13. NAFTA [soon MAI?] MMT-Ethyl (Canada) & Metalclad (Mexico) (s4p-13)

  14. Noam Chomsky The Poor Always Pay the Bills of the Rich (s4p-14)

  15. Titan-4 Rocket for Pu-RTG Cassini Probe Explodes on Launch (s4p-15)

  16. Scandal of Third World Debt: IMF as Corporate Welfare (s4p-16)

  17. Japan & China Brace for New Banking Crises (s4p-17)

  18. US Attacks on Khartoum & Afghanistan (s4p-18)

  19. US Bombs Scare Russia: extract from CDI Russia Weekly (s4p-19)

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