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There are other complex historical forces making for the increase of threats, which involve for instance the alliance of the threat system with what I have sometimes called the ‘masculine mystique’ of potency, as satirized so eloquently in the movie Doctor Strangelove. Unfortunately we do not know much about the dynamics of the distribution of sexual disorders, and the extent to which child-rearing and educational practices produce “masculinismo” and the covert sadism and masochism which feeds the threat system. That there is a malevolent dynamic at work here, however, can hardly be doubted, and while I would not wish to accuse the hawks of sexual impotence, the idea that love and war are substitutes for each other has at least a germ of truth in it.”

— Kenneth Boulding, “Arms Limitation and Integrative Activity as Elements in the Establishment of Stable Peace” in Arms Control for the Late Sixties, N.Y., N.Y. 1967, D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc.

“As the peace demonstration made its way down Yonge Street, a bystander addressed the television news camera. The protests are useless, she said, and the protesters misguided. They do not realize that war is inevitable. You’ll always have war. Man’s a killer.”

-_END Newsletter_, 3/84

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