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83.27. Peace Lectures On FM Radio

Tapes of the following University College Peace Studies lectures, aired on the Open College Series of CJRT-FM (Toronto), can be obtained from the S4P office.

  1. William Epstein, Consultant on disarmament for the Canadian government. “What to do about the Nuclear Threat”

  2. Kosta Tsipis, Professor, Science and Technology for International Security, M.I.T. “Directed energy weapons: war or peace in outer space?”

  3. Anatol Rapoport, Director, Institute for Advanced Study, Vienna. “Problems and pitfalls in peace research”

  4. Seymour Melman, Professor of Industrial Engineering at Columbia University, Co-president of SANE. “A strategy for disarmament”

83.30. Nuclear War And Public Health

Science for Peace has recently acquired a collection of papers from the Canadian Journal of Public Health, Vol. 74, No. 1, 1983, reprinted under a single cover for the Physicians for Social Responsibility. The papers focus on not only the horrendous range of casualties from a nuclear war, but also on the current economic and psychological effects of maintaining the arms race. The articles included are: “The nature of nuclear attack”, Ian Carr; “The arms race: cancer in the global village”, Donald G. Bates; “Casualties in a

nuclear war”, Brian F. Habbick; “Nuclear war and public health”, V.I. Matthews; “Psychological aspects of the nuclear arms race” and “On the medical and psychological effects of nuclear war”, Frank G. Sommers.

83.35. Books — Special Offer By S4P

  1. This Is the Way the World Will End This Is the Way You Will End Unless… by Harold Freeman preface by Bernard T. Feld forward and postscript by James Stark 1983 Hurtig Publishers Special price $4.95

  2. How Effective Are Peace Movements? by Bob Overy 1982 Harvest House Special price $2.95

  3. Canada and the Nuclear Arms Race edited by Ernie Regehr and Simon Rosenblum forward by Margaret Laurence 1983 James Lorimer This is the first book to offer concerned Canadians the background to Canada’s role in the nuclear arms race, and to show how Canada is contributing to it. Special price $12.95

Write: Science for Peace (attention Peter Shepherd) University College, University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1

Please include something for postage. We are selling these books at list. If it proves useful to the membership, we can arrange on a regular basis to order selected books in bulk. Order now — order several copies of the Harold Freeman book for your friends who are still in a psychological state of nuclear denial!

83.36. The CND Bookclub

The British are producing some extraordinarily good “books for a nuclear age”, and the CND Bookclub makes them available quickly at about 25% below the published price. The prices are given in pounds sterling, but a money order is readily available at an exchange rate currently about two dollars to the pound. The brochure giving the current selections, etc., is enclosed. The address of the Club is 11 Goodwin Street, London, England N4 3HQ.

83.27. Peace Studies At The University Of Bradford

During May, the Toronto chapter was visited by Bob Overy, author of the book “How effective are peace movements?” (Harvest House) and member of the University of Bradford School of Peace Studies. This school produces a series of Peace Studies papers related to nuclear weapons and disarmament, the four most recent being:

6. “Non-nuclear military options for Britain” by Dan Smith

7. “Civil defence in Britain” by George Crossley

8. “Defence without offence – non-nuclear defence for Europe” by Frank Barnaby and Egbert Boeker

9. “Guide to nuclear weapons 1982-83” by Paul Rogers.

The first paper costs 80p plus an optional 17p for postage; the last three, .1,1..50 plus an optional 22p. Write to the School of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England BD7 1DP

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