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Today ends my third long period of service as Director of Publications of Science for Peace. We are in one of the quiet periods, between publications, so it is a good time to hand over the job to the next incumbents.

I wish to thank Shirley Farlinger, who has been with me on the Committee since I became Director this last time, and to Clare Warwick, who has already made her good judgment felt in our work.

There is only one book published by SfP that is still sold in appreciable numbers, “Petrotyranny.” The points made in this remarkable book keep on

being demonstrated in what has happened since it was published and in what is still happening. The latest news items, from Alberta, that the Oil Industry is using excessive amounts of water in relatively arid areas merely adds to the weight of evidence against oil.

We now have a journal, the Journal of Science for Peace, and an editorial board; we await submissions of articles.

As a gesture in parting I make yet another new suggestion for publication, namely, what we might call “The Annals of Science for Peace.” This would be similar to the “Journal of Science for Peace” except that the articles would not be refereed. Rather, they would be an official record of

what Science for Peace has contributed; a kind of history-in- writings of our organization. I suggest that we obtain an ISSN number for the Annals and start to publish them forthwith. A way that it might work would be for people who have been involved in writing a report or Brief for Science for Peace to prepare that article, Brief, etc. for the Annals.

Ed. Note: Following in Derek’s footsteps is going to be a difficult task — so difficult that two people have been recruited to do so. The new Co-Directors of Publications are Hani Kim and Chris Trendall, both of whom are graduate students at the University of Toronto. Hani is working at the Ontario Cancer Institute and Chris is in the computer science department.

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