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President's and Editor's Message

It is with the warmest feelings that we greet you all as Christmas approaches. The past eighteen months have been difficult ones for the peace movement, but SfP has survived and is prepared to continue with its work, thanks to your support. This year we have been very generously supported by several of our members, which we now publicly acknowledge. However, the purpose of such support is not mere survival but to enable us to continue to do useful work, and we think you will find evidence of progress in this Bulletin.

Remember that this Bulletin is only one of two serial publications sponsored by Science for Peace. The other is our section of Peace Magazine. To keep in touch with the activities of Science for Peace and of the peace movement in general, you really need to read Peace Magazine. Gift subscriptions are available (see the notice below.)

We wish you all every joy in your solstitial celebrations, whatever they may be, and peace and happiness in 1995.

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