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President of the New Brunswick Chapter, Israel Unger, is chief judge for the provincial Science Fair this year. Winners of local fairs who com­pete in this bilingual fair are able to compete for two prizes, one at the junior level,the other a senior prize, each worth $100 to the youngsters who make the best presentations that seek “to alert humanity to dangers of war waged with nuclear weapons”.

The Ottawa Chapter is also spon­soring “peace prizes” at science fairs in the Ottawa region.

Apocalypse at the Downtown Dream Factory — a gala opening March 1 and a run of 10 days at Koffler Centre, U. of Toronto,214 College St., of a show of the extraordinary photomontages of Richard Slye. Sponsored by the Toronto Chapter of SfP, PSR, Lawyers for Social Responsibility and the U of T Book Room.

David Cox, acting Director, Research, and Wytze Brouwer, visiting fellow, CIIPS, are among March seminar speakers for the Toronto Chapter.

May 14 — Annual Meeting of the Quebec (Montreal) Chapter. Details in the next BULLETIN.

The New Brunswick Chapter raises the question, “Do you consider the Toronto Globe & Mail Canada’s national newspaper? If you do, are you satis­fied with the kind of book reviews of war-peace related books that appear?” Chapter members report that reviews of such topical books often present, not overviews of the contents but take-off points for a presentation of US Star Wars propaganda. Comment invited.

Colin Bell, BC Chapter, wants the BULLETIN to remind members that their responses to the questionnaire circu­lated with the last issue will be greatly appreciated.

Manuscripts Welcome:

The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Research on War and Peace Between and Within Nations. Editor Bruce Russett, Yale University. Published by Sage Publications, Inc. A quarterly, $36 US per year. Address:275 S. Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA.

Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate to Bruce M. Russett, editor Journal of Conflict Resolution, P.O. Box 3532, New Haven,Conn. 06520 USA.

SfP board members active with the Journal are Anatol Rapoport, Gaming Editor, and Michael Wallace, Int’l Advisory Board Member.

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