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No Weapons in Space Campaign in Edmonton

The Edmonton Coalition Against War & Racism in association with several other Canadian Peace groups is having a campaign against the Canadian participation in the US NMD program. We are curTently working on 2 projects, one very cheap and one very expensive!

1. BUILD YOUR OWN ANTI BALLISTIC MISSILE – It will work as well to defend Canada as the US National Missile Defense at a fraction of the cost!

Materials – The cardboard core from a roll of paper towels. A cone of paper (aluminum foil, optional), tape to fasten. Decorate on the outside with felt pens or decals. Insert a message or anti NMD flier in the centre. VOILA! Be the first one on your block with an Anti- Ballistic Missile! Build as many as you can. Start an “alms race” in your neighbourhood, community, province, all around Canada.

Each city will hold a stockpile gathering on January 17, 2004 to organize interception and launching exercises. We’ll invite the media for that event. Each missile will be sent individually in an envelope to the Prime Minister in Ottawa briefly after January 17 (No postage required.).


2. We have written an open letter to Paul Martin & are placing it in the Globe & Mail newspaper. Cunently, we are gathering names of distinguished public people who will support the message with their name & a financial donation to defer the cost. We are also willing to publish the ad in French and are seeking partners to do so.

In Edmonton, any help with these two projects will be much appreciated, specially spread the word about it and give a donation. You are also welcome to join us in contacting prominent people to ask them sign and fund the letter. If you are interesting, please get back to me:

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