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Israel Unger, president of the New Brunswick Chapter, has started a term as Dean of Science at the University of New Brunswick.

On February 25 (Room 179, University College, U. of Toronto) Dr. Fred Lowy, member of the Advisory Council of CPPNW, and Dr. Ian Hastie, past-president of the Toronto Chapter of CPPNW, will discuss the USSR from the perspective of an Oct.physicians’ tour.

Anatol Rapoport (Toronto), Visiting Hooker Distinguished Professor at McMaster University this year, delivered the first of three public lectures on the topic of Perspectives on the Study of Conflict January 14. The first lecture centered on the Psychological Perspective. The second lecture on the Ideological Perspective will be given February 4, and LI,: third, the Strategic Perspective, will be given March 4. Place: Ewart Angus 1A6, the McMaster Health Science Centre. Time: 7:30pm.

The U.S.S.R. has recently warned the Americans that upon the next U.S. nuclear test it will abandon the moratorium it has observed unilaterally since August, 1985. And the next American test is scheduled to take place within a month.

The reverberations from that explosion in Nevada could shake the negotiating table in Geneva.

— Adam Bromke Toronto Star, January 29

Betsy Carr has made available a report of Kim Besly’s researches into the illnesses and biological hazards for women protesting at Greenham Common in the peace camp. Included in the material is a contribution from Rosalie Bertell.

Peter Wills, Dept. of Physics, University of Auckland, NZ, proposes addition of the following endorsement at the end of papers published by scientists who oppose nuclear arms:

It is the author’s wish that no agency should ever derive military benefit from the publication of this paper. Authors who cite this work in support of their own are requested to qualify similarly the availability of their results.

The endorsement was approved by the editor and first appeared in the Journal of Theoretical Biology.

The endorsement and a report on the expansion of US naval operations at Subic Bay in the Philippines were made available to interested SfP members by Arthur Forer (York).Copies can be made by the national office.

Eric Fawcett (Toronto) reports that Wills received NZ$2000 from the French payment to New Zealand after the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. The money will finance SANA-NZ research.

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