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Recipient of a CIIPS scholarship this year is Walter Dorn (SfP UN Rep) for work toward his Master’s degree in chemistry at the U of T. Co-supervisors for his research into chemical detection of CBW agents are Michael Thompson and SfP Secretary, Lynn Trainor, Walter’s book, Peace Keeping Satellites, (from PRI-Dundas) comes out in July. He is also participating in history’s longest relay — the Sri-Soacechinmoy-oneness-home Peace Run — from June 1 to July 25, Victoria to St. John’s. Walter will run from Victoria to Toronto.

The SfP co-sponsored Working Group on International Surveillance and Verification in sponsoring a workshop on satellite and airborne surveillance for arms control verification, peace-keeping and Canadian sovereignty purposes July 7, Physics Dept., U of T. (Financial support comes from CIIPS.) Contact Eric Fawcett; Physics Dept., U of T, for further information.

Quebec Students To Moscow

Paul Cappon, founder and director of the Montreal Centre for Nuclear Disarmament and Community Health, led a group of 30 12- to 15-year-olds to Moscow in May. The young people were winners among 1000 entrants in an essay contest- a newspaper ad invited essays about world peace.

“People don’t usually listen to kids,” said Natasha Kubisch, a 14-year old, “but now that we’ve started this, we’re going to have to be ambassadors for peace all out lives.”

George Ignatieff has been invited to serve as a Member of the Rotary Peace Forum Advisory Committee of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. (The Advisory Committee is charged with organizing a peace program over a three-year pilot period.

From an interview with Yasushi Akashi, as of March 1 new UN Under-Secretary General for the Dept. for Disarmament Affairs: “I was in Geneva last month where I saw tangible progress made on negotiations on chemical weapons. Tremendous gaps which existed between East and West on verification points are being bridged to a large extent. So we May be on the verge of major progress.”

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