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Michael Lanphier represented SfP at an information meeting sponsored by the Soviet Peace Committee in Moscow March 15-16. His notes on the meeting are available in full from the national office. Some interesting items from the report:

The (USSR) Inst. of US – Canada Studies is closely linked with the decision – making powers within the USSR. There are 300 employees, 2/3 of whom are professionals.One section only deals with Canada – about 20 people. The Soviets perceive Canada in its sub – or sub-subcontracting status via a Via the USA and see many involvements between the two coun­tries as not subject to political decision.

The USSR was not invited to par­ticipate in France’s Eureka program – question: are there military spin­offs expected?

Problems of inspection and veri­fication re chemical weapons: USSR has only public “factories” which are open for inspection. US and western Europe use “private business” con­tractors – there must be agreement to declassify “industrial secrets“before equal access for inspection would exist.

Nominating Committee Report

At the board meeting March 25 the nominating committee made the following interim report. It is published here at the request of the committee so that members may make additions or corrections before the final report is made to the AGM.

We recommend that the execu­tive operate in such a manner as to separate clearly the roles of policy-making and administration;

That in addition to the BOD, a council be established consisting

principally of past board members.The Council would constitute a “talent pool” for the board. Council members would be welcome at all board meetings;

That each Chapter nominate at least one member of the BOD, and that the following Chapter officers stand for the BOO for 1986-87:

T. Joshi, ST.F.X.; Philip Ehren­saft, Michael Horwmod, Quebec; G.P. Semeluk, Margarida Krause, New Bruns­wick, David Roulston, Cynthia Folzer, Frank Thompson, Waterloo. Chapter officers to remain on the Board are M. Pearson, Quebec; Israel Unger,New Brunswick; A.B. Mingarelli, Ottawa; James Gardner, Waterloo; George Spiegelman, Luis Sobrino, Michael Wallace, B.C.; Eric Fawcett, Toronto.

All Nominations should be sent to Committee Chairman Lynn Trainor, Physics Dept., U.of Toronto,or to the national office.


Conference on Accidental Nuclear War, May 26-30, 1986 UBC, Vancouver


Science for Peace Ottawa, as announced in the March BULLETIN, is sponsoring awards at the annual Youth Science Fair this year. Judges are Angelo Mingarelli, James Neelin and Wm. McGowan, all officers and members of the chapter. Like New Brunswick they offer both a junior and a senior prize.

The two chapters will extend their experience to the establishment of national prizes next year. It is reported that there will be a Science for Peace Month in the Youth Science Fairs calendar for 1986-87. Other chapters or individual members in­terested in this project should contact either of the chapters at the addresses listed on page 4.

1986 officers of the B.C.Chapter are George Spiegelman (president), Luis Sobrino (1st vice president), Michael Wallace (2nd vice president), Colin Bell (treasurer), Frank Nezil (secretary), Vera Webb (membership secretary), Jim Foulke (EAR liaison).

The chapter is involved in the hosting of the May International Con­ference on Accidental .Nuclear War (See flier that accompanied the March Bulletin and in conducting a nation­wide survey of materials and teaching aids available for the publication of a Canadian counterpart to the es­teemed U.S. Peace and World Order Studies: A Curriculum Guide. CIIPS is funding this study. (The question­naire enclosed with the last BULLETIN should be filled out and returned, as requested – PLEASE, asks Dr. Bell, project director.)

Science et Paix Quebec will hold its annual meeting in Montreal on May 14. Speaker will be Jocelyn Coulon. Details of time and place will appear in the next BULLETIN.

Many chapter members are among speakers at the April 21-23 Montreal conference on Illusions and Realities in the Nuclear Age.

Annual meeting of Science for Peace – Toronto will be at 8 pm April 17, at Trinity College at the University of Toronto, Toronto.

The chapter is hoping to pub­lish papers delivered in its highly successful lecture and seminar series this year.

Secretary Arnold Simoni received a CIIPS grant for the preparation of the paper on regional conflict listed under BOOKSHELF this month. Awarded a Killam research fellowship for this year was Ian Hacking (U. of Toronto).

Two chapter presidents will be on sabbatical next year:James Gardner (Waterloo) ,Michael Pearson (Quebec).

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