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Another editor among Science for Peace members is Prof. J. Tully, Dept. of Political Science, McGill University. Prof. Tully edits the newsletter of the McGill Study Group for Peace and Disarmament.

Alan G. Newcombe is on the editorial board of the World Encyclopedia of Peace and a contributor. Other member contributors are William Eckhardt and Anatol Rapoport. Pergamon Press, publisher of the World Encyclopedia, has an extensive catalogue of peace-related publications. For sales and Canadian price information write the Press at Suite 104, 150 Consumers Rd., Willowdale, Ont. M2J 1P9.

David Suzuki has been named as the recipient of the 1986 $100,000 Royal Bank Award for Canadian Achievement. Roger Gaudry, chairman of the bank’s award selection committee, said Suzuki has brought issues and themes of great importance into public consciousness.

Multiple Choice

U.S. Dept. of Energy spokesman Jim Boyer said the recent US nuclear test was planned for one of three reasons: to test systems designed to guard against accidental or unauthorized detonation; to make sure weapons in the US strategic stockpile were still in usable condition; or to test a new design. He would not specify which. (Washington, Reuter)


“The threat of a Soviet invasion of North America via the Arctic is not as remote as some people think. And our potential opponent has more than arrows in his quiver.”- Lt. Gen. C.H. Belzile at Mobile Command HDQTRS, St. Hubert, Quebec.


(Associated Press, 28 May)

Two nuclear subs retired by Reagan

“President Ronald Reagan ordered the retirement of two nuclear submarines yesterday, keeping the US within the limits of the SALT IT arms agreement with the Soviet Union.”

Soviets to allow emigration of 117

“The Soviet Union has agreed to settle 36 divided – family cases by permitting 117 people to emigrate to the United States to join family members.”

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