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Professor George Renninger (Physics/Guelph) outlined some of the barriers in cooperation facing scientists and engineers who wished to address global problems. Cooperation in solving problems is usually limited to relatively small numbers of scientists, due to competition for credit and funding. National and economic interests often impede the free flow of research results and.discussions. As well,the translation of proven knowledge into effective policy is a difficult political process.”

— From GLOBAL COOPERATION: NEW APPROACHES, report of a seminar Sept. 14 sponsored by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

ARCTIC CONFERENCE PLANS can be finalized after a January decision of the SfP Board of Directors as to whether to hold the conference in Yellowknife, NWT or in Toronto. Location will also determine the date of the conference. Tentative plans call for a late October, 1988 date. Members are encouraged to offer opinions before the January 12 meeting date. Program suggestions should be directed to the attention of Franklyn Griffiths, Conference Director.

The Third UN Special Session on Disarmament will take place at UN headquarters in New York in June, 1988.

Snider Lecturer at Scarborough Campus, University of Toronto, in January will be Anatol Rapoport, former professor of mathematics and psychology at the College and now professor of peace studies at University College. Lectures will be in Room H-215 Jan. 13, 3pm: “The Evolution of Cooperation”; and on Jan. 14, 2 pm: “Subjective Aspects of Risk”.

Recipient of the WORLD PEACE AWARD from the World Federalists of Canada this year was VANA, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, or the White Berets, as they dub themselves. Their position paper on the White Paper on Defence is available from the Bulletin.

Human Law and Divine Law: Some Reflexions on their Contrasts and Restraints is title of an address for the service at Christ’s Church Cathedral in Hamilton, Ont., to be delivered by George Ignatieff Thursday, January 7.

Reflecting the growing interest in security issues and aims control in the North Pacific, the successful first conference on the subject sponsored by Australian National University’s Peace Research Centre in August will be followed by a May, 1988 conference at UBC on “Maritime Security and Arms Control in the Pacific Region” and an October, 1988 Pugwash conference on “Peace and Security in Eastern Asia and the Western Pacific”.

SfP members participating as lecturers in the Toronto Chapter February series are Adam Bromke, McMaster University (Feb. 3), Ursula Franklin, University of Toronto (10 Feb.) and Norman Alcock, founder of CPR. (Feb. 24).

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