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New Journal

The Publications Committee is pleased to announce its new journal, provisionally named “The Journal of Science for Peace.” The purpose of this journal will be to publish original work that broadly supports the goals of Science for Peace. Papers submitted to the editors will be sent out for peer review, as when submitted to other scholarly journals. The idea of publishing such a journal originated with Anatol Rapoport, at the time of his presidency of Science for Peace.

The Publications Committee has decided that the Journal will be published in an unusual way. Each article will constitute a whole issue, and the papers will be published in hard copy, 5.5” X 8.5”, each as soon as it is ready, and they will also appear on the internet.

Very recently we have received some criticism, on the grounds that scholars would not be willing to publish in our journal if they could find an international journal covering their own subject area. We feel, however, that we shall be able to offer much more rapid publication than the larger journals and that, once this becomes known, those desiring early publication will come to us in sufficient numbers to make the endeavour worthwhile.

Currently we have 11 members on the editorial board, enough to cover most fields that we shall span. Since the board is still incomplete, we shall delay publishing the names for the present. It is not too early, however, to send in a paper, especially if you want yours to be the first issue! Send it to: Shirley Farlinger and Derek Paul, 122 Hilton Avenue, Toronto, M5R 3E7

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