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New Book Release by Science for Peace Board Member

Problem Solving Psychotherapy: A Training Manual of an Integrative Model

By Dr. Mark Leith

About the Book

Problem-Solving Psychotherapy…

  1. Integrates a number of existing psychotherapeutic and psychological models into a unique problem-solving format.

  2. Provides the therapist with pattern recognition and analytical skills through its clear, practical formulation method.

  3. Guides the therapist in the moment-to-moment technical aspects of the psychotherapy session through the use of its problem-solving components.

  4. Teaches the patient problem-solving skills including insight, emotional resolution, decision-making and conflict resolution.

  5. Incorporates symptomatic treatment, including psychopharmacological, into the psychotherapeutic context.

  6. Manual includes …

  7. Numerous illustrative case examples for each problem-solving component.

  8. Extended case example of a course of treatment.

  9. Annotated transcript of a psychotherapy session.

  10. Social history questionnaire.

  11. Worksheets for assessment, preparing and contracting for therapy, treatment planning and session process notes.

  12. Extensive bibliography.

For more information and to order, please visit:

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