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Member Publications

Write directly to the addresses given with titles for prints or offprints of the publications that interest you. Where known, prices are given — add an amount for postage.

Titles available from the S4P office have been priced to include postage.

  1. George Ignatieff, Inaugural Address, 1984-85 Lecture Series in Peace Studies, University of Toronto, S4P office, $1.30.

  2. Arthur Forer, Canadian Military Research on Biological and Chemical warfare; complete manuscript and bibliography. S4P office, $2.75.

  3. Arnold Simoni, New Approaches to Restabilizing the International System_. S4P office $1.64.

  4. Norman Alcock and Arnold Simoni, The Peacemakers Association DI Nations, Canadian Peace Research Institute, Huntsville, Ont. POA 11CO, 1983. $1.00 plus postage.

  5. William Epstein, ‘Arms Talks: Time to Get Back on the Track”, Toronto Star, Sat., Sept. 15, 1984. S4P Office, 50 c.

  6. Donald Bates, ‘Links Cut Off Nose to Spite the Face”, The Globe and Bail, 10/2/84. S4P office, 50 c_._

  7. Charles Davis, ‘Peace Advocates Deserve Support’, St. John’s Telegram, St. John’s NFLD, 1/9/84. S4P office, 50 c.

  8. John C. Polanyi, “A Test Case for Sanity in Space’ (11/22/83) and ‘History Will Judge -Cruise Decision’ (2/11/83), The Globe And Mail, Toronto, Ont. 50 c each, S4P office.

  9. Ian Carr and P.M. Kelly, ‘The Nuclear Winter Hypothesis’. SfP office, 50 c.

  10. Michael Wallace, ‘Accidental Nuclear War: A Risk Assessment’, paper presented to Second World Congress of Arts and Sciences, Rotterdam, June 1984. S4P office, $1.65.

  11. George Spiegelman, Nuclear Arms: A Canadian Perspective, Dept. of Biology, UBC, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2A9. Available in either French or English, $5, or both languages, $10.

  12. The following manuscripts and reprints by Anatol Rapoport are all available from the S4P office at the price cited. Postage included.

  13. A.R., ‘Prospects of Global Demilitarization’, Bulletin of Peace Proposals, Int’l Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway, Vol. 14, No. 4, 1983. 75 c.

  14. A.R., ‘Preparations for Nuclear War — The Final Madness’, American journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol. 54, No. 4, Oct., 1984. 75 c.

  15. A.R., ‘On Deterrence”, presented at Annual meeting of AAAS, New York, May, 1984. manuscript, 75 c.

  16. A.R., ‘Maintaining a Chronic State of war’, presented at Conference on Labyrinth of Fear, Oct. 12, 1984, Milan, Italy. Available in English and Italian, $2.50.

  17. A.R., ‘The Technological Imperative’, $1.75.

  18. William Eckardt is our ‘American Connection”. Write to him at Peace Research Laboratory, 2000 Main 211, Dunedin, Fla., USA 33528, for prices — they will be in American dollars. His most recent publications:

  19. ‘Global Imperialism and Global Inequality’ International Interactions, Vol. 11, Nos. 3-4, 1984.

  20. ‘Peace Studies and Attitude Change’, paper presented at June 8- 10, 1984 CPREA Meeting at Guelph University.

  21. ‘Pioneers of Peace Research’, International Interactions, 10 (2), 1983.

  22. ‘Atrocities, Civilizations and Savages’, Bulletin of Peace Proposals, 13, 343-349, 1983.

  23. Hanna and Alan Newcombe, editors, ‘Accidental Nuclear War, The Growing Peril’, Peace Research Reviews, Vol. IX — 4 and 5, Canadian Peace Research Institute, 25 Dundana Avenue, Dundas, Ont. L9H 4E5. $3.00 each.

  24. Derek Paul, ‘Myths and Security’, personal memoir. S4P office, 50 c.

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