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Once US submarines are armed with Trident-2 missiles, currently being tested, they will become first-strike delivery vehicles undermining the deterrent balance.

(Globe and Mail, Jan. 16, 1987)

In matters of a comprehensive test ban treaty, the arms race in outer space,an anti-ballistic missile treaty, radical cuts in nuclear forces, nuclear weapons proliferation and possibly a chemical weapons ban, Canada’s position is significantly closer to that of the USSR than it is to that of the US.

— Lawrence Martin (Globe and Mail, Jan. 26, 1987)

Marcus Chown (New Scientist, Dec 44, 1986) examines doubts over the severity of temperature drops in Nuclear Winter studies expressed by George Rathgens (M.I.T.), Stephen Schneider and Stanley Thompson (Center for Atmospheric Research) and Joyce Penner (Lawrence Livermore). Sir Frederick Warner (Chairman of SCOPE) and Richard Turco (Carl Sagan’s colleague) do not consider the new calculations in any way dispose of the essential problem of Nuclear Winter.

IDEAS on CBC Feb. 23 through 27:

  1. 3-Mile Island, Counting the Cost

  2. A dramatization from eye-witness accounts

  3. From Idaho to Iraq

  4. From Chalk River to Chernobyl The first nuclear accident was at Chalk River in 1952.

  5. Darlington to Decommissioning

Lloyd Axworthy (Toronto Star, 22 Dec.,1986) draws our attention to the recommended demilitarization of the Canadian North by a joint Senate-Commons Committee with all-party membership.

The N.Y. Times reports from Moscow (Nov. 2, 1986) that France and the USSR will conduct a joint month long space flight in 1988.

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