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The US government has announced that it is clearing the way for inventors to patent new forms of animal life created through gene splicing. The policy will also allow the patenting of animals with new traits produced by a host of new reproductive technologies including genetic engineering.

Toronto, April 23. Energy Probe filed an application in the Supreme Court of Ontario which calls upon the Court to stop Ontario Hydro from building and operating a hazardous tritium recovery facility near Bowmanville,Ont. in violation of the Environmental Assessment Act.

Hydro’s plans involve the transport of radioactive tritiated water along public highways and the possibility of commercial sale and export of the weapons grade tritium that will be extracted at a special plant under construction on the grounds of the Darlington nuclear generating station.

The Court case is scheduled to be heard in Osgoode Hall on May 26 at 10:30 am.

For more information, contact Norm Rubin, 978-5859 in Toronto.

1986-87 has seen much criticism of the federal government’s renewed permission of US testing of unarmed air-launched cruise missiles over Canada. These criticisms are rejected by External Affairs Minister Joe Clark, who claims Canadian obligations to the US and other western allies as justifications for the tests. The GLOBE & MAIL in a December 1, 1986, editorial took an opposing viewpoint, namely that Canada is entitled to have “second thoughts” about a 1983 agreement which flouts the SALT II treaty. External Affairs Minister Joe Clark has indicated that Canada has the legal right to prevent jets carrying nuclear fuel from flying over its air space. A draft 30-year agreement (so far, unratified) between Japan and the US provides for regular large consignments of highly toxic plutonium from Europe to Japan, during which aircraft would traverse northern Canada.


The U.S. Congressional Research Service reports that the following nations have nuclear research programs: Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea, Brazil, Argentina. Israel is reported to have produced as many as 200 nuclear weapons at its secret underground factory in the Negev Desert.

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