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Holmdel, N.J., U.S.A.

I would like to point out that 1987 is the year of Erwin Schr8dinger’s centenary. His oneness philosophy, very clearly presented in his book My View of the World (Ox Bow Press, Woodbridge, Conn.) could help our cause in a powerful way Enclosed, a letter-essay, “In Search of Schr8dinger’s Cat, 1987”.

— Michel Duguay (Available from the Bulletin.)

Burlington, Ontario Re: “Greenpeace Action” (January)

The principles of Science for Peace, however impractical in an imperfect world,are certainly morally admirable. The credibility of your group, such as it is, is severely strained, if not destroyed by its “Greenpeace affiliation”. I urge you to desist in acting as a vehicle for these “crazies”.

— Wm. I Marcovitch

Editor’s note: Science for Peace does not “affiliate” with any other groups, a long standing policy of which Mr. Marcovitch and perhaps other members are not aware.

Mesa, Ariz., U.S.A.

Do budding scientists really not know about peaceful research career opportunities? They might well not be troubled by “where they come down”,as Tom Lehrer used to sing about Werner von Braun. They might be interested only in the lucrative careers and the exciting challenge which weapons research offers. They might also actually relish the thought of producing weapons of mass destruction because of the sense of power it gives them. They may feel that they are serving the cause of democracy and peace by contributing to the strength of the west against a communist system which they believe to be evil.

For such people more information about peace research opportunities won’t be very effective. If you can reach these future scientists on a moral level, more power to you.

— Carl Goldberg Fredericton, N.B.

I am in my 93rd year and a subscriber to many organizations for peace. I am a biologist and served in the Canadian army 1914-19. At retirement I was director, Forest Biology Lab, Science Service, Maritime Region.

— Dr. R.E. Balch

Waterloo, Ontario

Ray Gibson, a consultant to the Ontario government,conducted a recent seminar at UW on “Defence and High Technology Manufacturing Towards the Year 2000”. He equated “high tech” and “defence” and encouraged Ontario high tech companies to seek defence contracts- particularly SDI contracts — from the US government. After acknowledging that the Canadian government has chosen not to participate in SDI and that most Ontario firms are too small to get directly involved, he strongly recommended the formation of a consortium involving the university and private companies.

I think there are significant gains to be made by well informed members of organizations like SfP attending such seminars and asking questions that provoke thought among those just in it for fun and/or money. But most normal people find it extremely difficult to listen to such seminars,let alone get involved. Perhaps we could have a forum in the Bulletin on “How to Turn into an Emotionless Artificially Intelligent Machine for an Hour or Two”.

— Rob Dickinson Grad Student Rep SfP Waterloo

Edmonton, ALTA

Thank you for the work you have already ‘done on the possibility of a polar nation conference. We are excited about the idea and will be examining it in more detail in the coming weeks. We know we have mobilized a great deal of interest in Alberta and we look forward to initiating more activity.

(To George Ignatieff:) Thank you for your inimitable presentation at the Inquiry. You have more impact on educating people for peace than you probably will ever know.

— Lois Hammond — Irene Clay

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